Growing Up On Lake Minnetonka Book

How this book started...

I promised myself after Ed Crepeau passed away in 1971 that someday I would write a tribute to or about him. I was out on the lake a couple of years ago and after seeing the 100's of multi-colored portable boathouses dotting every shoreline of every bay, all started by Ed Crepeau, I found the inspiration to write my first article..

A tribute to Ed Crepeau was the first article that I wrote, it was in the newspapers the next week and the peoples interest and constant compliments led to the second artricle, "Bass fishing today versus yesterday" which was equally as popular and the story writing just snowballed from there.

Author Tom Rockvam
Tom Rockvam, the author of “Growing Up on Lake Minnetonka,” as well as, “The Andrews Sisters and their Lifelong Connection to Mound, Minnesota”.

All of the short stories in this book were published in local newspapers which surround Lake Minnetonka during the past years.  Requests from readers of the short stories resulted in putting them all together in a book.

Tom is a lifelong resident of Mound; he owned and operated Tonka Dock Company on Lake Minnetonka for over thrity years.  After he sold the Dock Company in 1987, he was employed by Bill Clark Oil Co. in Eden Prairie, Minnesota as their Sales Manager until he was forced into retirement in 2001.  Tom lives with his wife Kathy on Cooks Bay of Lake Minnetonka in Mound, Minnesota.