Growing Up On Lake Minnetonka Book

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Growing up on Lake Minnetonka

Tom Rockvam's “Growing up on Lake Minnetonka,” is an easy reading, enjoyable book that contains 22 Articles or Short Stories covering 90 full size pages along with 50 pictures or illustrations about a kid growing up on Lake Minnetonka. The stories have appeared in three different local newspapers around the lake over the past year and a half.

The true stories, written only as Tom can write them are about events that took place as he was growing up on Lake Minnetonka and about the areas where he experienced
those events during the 1940's and 1950's.

Because of the request of many readers who were trying to save all of the stories, Tom put them all together into one book.

These books are the perfect gift for any age and for any friends, children or relatives who live in the area or have lived here at one time and then moved away.

The stories immediately spur your own memory back to the time of the writing and it is unbelievable how much you will remember about those times.