Growing Up On Lake Minnetonka Book


BONUS: Volume 3 contains over 60 Lake Minnetonka Trivia Questions!


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Growing up on Lake Minnetonka
Volume 3

Like the original “Growing up on Lake Minnetonka” it's a fun, easy reading book of nostalgic, true, short stories from the late 1940's and 1950's that were published in local newspapers that surround Lake Minnetonka during the past years. The stories activate the reader's memory back to that same time period and re-kindle their own stories as kids growing up regardless of where they grew up. The stories tell about the adventurous, humorous, and mischievous acts of a young boy between the ages of three and sixteen growing up, with a touch of history thrown in. The book is filled with tales about learning how to swim by necessity; not using good judgment when trying to impress a teenage girl passenger in a boat; how things differed back in the days of Black and White TV (the 1950's) and lots of other yarns about local people and places.

Because of the request of many readers who were trying to save all of the stories, Tom put them all together into one book.

These books are the perfect gift for any age and for any friends, children or relatives who live in the area or have lived here at one time and then moved away.

The stories immediately spur your own memory back to the time of the writing and it is unbelievable how much you will remember about those times.